News - 94-year-old war veteran to donate to Woodley memorial campaign


94-year-old war veteran to donate to Woodley memorial campaign - April 04, 2013

A 94-year-old Second World War veteran is making a donation to Woodley War Memorial fund.

After reading how fundraisers are more than half way to their £25,000 target for a war memorial, Bernard Kellerman felt compelled to contribute to this “welcome, overdue project”.

Mr Kellerman, who has also offered to donate 50 copies of regimental journals from the Light Infantry/Rifles and the Parachute Regiment, said: “These memorials may not mean much to younger people who were not involved in the war, but to older people like me they are of profound importance.”

Mike Hutchinson, Woodley War Memorial Project treasurer, said: “We are very grateful to Mr Kellerman and will make the best use possible for the fund of the items he’s donated.”

The journals could prove to be a welcome lot at an air auction in April in Woodley precinct to boost the project’s coffers.

Items donated so far include two 60 inch plasma televisions.

Anyone with items to donate should email or call 07770 944 098.


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