News - Rededication of the war memorial gates in Allestree


Rededication of the war memorial gates in Allestree - April 16, 2013

More than 40 people attended a war memorial rededication ceremony in Allestree on Sunday afternoon.
The gates on Robincroft Road were first dedicated to the men of Allestree who lost their lives in the First World War and originally allowed access to the car park of Allestree Recreation Ground.

The recreation ground itself, which includes the cricket pitch and bowls pitch, was given to the suburb by Col. L. Gisborne and Capt. G. Gisborne following the end of the war.
The car park would only fit 26 vehicles and Neighbourhood Board and city council took the decision to increase the size of the paring facilities while at the same time renovating the gates.

The Mayor of Derby, Councillor Lisa Higginbottom, said: "The renovation of the gates and the memorial plaque provide a fitting memorial not only to those who fell in the Great War but to those who have given their lived for Queen and country in various conflicts up to the present day."


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