News - Veteran tasked Esher with war memorial move


Veteran tasked Esher with war memorial move - April 02, 2013

A decorated army veteran from Esher has been tasked with overseeing the relocation of the war memorial from the roadside to the centre of Esher Green.

Retired colonel John Handford OBE and ward councillors expect the £14,000 move to improve the safety and dignity of remembrance services by putting an end to crowds gathering in the road.

Mr Handford, formerly of the Parachute Regiment, who served in Afghanistan and Northern Ireland, hopes to have the memorial in its new home in time for the 100th anniversary of the Great War in 2014.

Mr Handford said: “Having attended remembrance services at the memorial it is clear that it is in a cramped and ungainly position.

“It should be moved to the centre of the green, where it would sit in a more dignified setting away from the noise of the road and the clutter of signs and lampposts.

“This would bring it to life throughout the year, making it more of a prominent feature and enable us to enjoy a more poignant Remembrance Sunday.”

Esher Councillor David Archer said money to pay for the relocation will come from fundraising and would not be taken from the public purse.

The memorial will remain visible from Church Street and will not be enhanced or embellished.


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